Award winning

As a recipient of the Dutchess County Business Excellence Award for Innovation we are proud of to call our Ice Bite /Geo-Melt revolutionary. "Beet juice beats ice." -Poughkeepsie Journal


Ice Bite / Geo-Melt is made out of sugar beets grown in the Midwest which go through a process which removes carbon dioxide during growing. Once harvest the magnesium chloride is added along with water. When put together, these ingredients create an organic ice melting product made only out of renewable resources. 

  • Effective to -18 degrees 

  • Up to 80% less corrosive than tradition brines

  • Increases residual 2-3 times

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Snow Removal Truck


This de-icer is a special blend of granular material treated with a liquid enhancer formula. It is an agricultural-based product which is safe for the environment. It is extremely effective at lower temperatures due to its lower freezing point and faster ice-melting action.

  • Works to -10 degrees

  • reduces refreezing

  • doesn't stain carpet

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Also available

  • Maximum Salt Shakers (4 per box)

  • Salt Pallets (40) 50 pound bags

  • Walk behind sprayer

  • Pumps and tote application

  • Tank filled for landscapers


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